Truck-tankers, Tugboats and Barges

Currently PT Sumber Surya Kencana Inhu serving a wide range of customer using our tugboats and barges ranging from 3,500 tonnages to 5,000 tonnages.


All the tugboats are fully equipped in accordance with rules and regulations set by Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI). In addition to that all the barges are completed with reliable gear pump which can accommodate up to 150 metric tonnage pumping rate per hour. Meanwhile CV Sumber Kencana supporting our core business with 145 units of truck-tankers with a capacity ranging from 15 tonnages to 27 tonnages. The daily capacity of our truck tankers is up to 2,150 tonnages.

Strategic location of our port

Our state of the art is strategically located at the deep river end of Sei Bayas. Therefore high and low tide will not be a major disruption in our operation of loading Crude Palm Oil.

The port is not only well equipped with modern facilities such as computerized truck scales, laboratory and well stocked workshop. It also completed with spare equipment such as electric generators and pumps to ensure a non stop operation for 24 hours.

Staff and Management

Currently we employ over 200 staffs ranging from managers and administrative staff to truck drivers and ship crews. Staff are carefully selected and appointed for their duties according to their experience and competence.

We believe that only with good management and good teamwork will produce reliable, efficient and competitive services.

Reliable Infrastructure

Our company reinvesting strategy which constantly improve and modernize our infrastructure such as new port, new shore tank, new fleet of truck-tankers, new tugboats and barges, new laboratory and so on.

Customer Focused

A full commitment from our experience management team to supporting staff and crews. Our aim is to provide a complete transportation solution with a competitive price and on time services.

Contact Us

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