PT Sumber Surya Kencana INHU Today

Today PT Sumber Surya Kencana Inhu is a highly competitive company run by a team of efficient manager and highly qualified staffs and crews. With the trust and supports of our customers the company enjoys a rapid expansion and modernization of our infrastructure such as truck-tankers, tugboats and barges, a new port, new laboratory as well as a new shore tank.


Our valued customers comprise of local and regional company as well as international company, we serves not only all Indonesia water but also South East Asia water such as Singapore and Malaysia. In anticipating urging growth in palm oil industry, PT Sumber Surya Kencana Inhu will continuously enlarge and extends its services by serving not only Crude Palm Oil but also Olein and Palm Kernel Oil.

Four decades of services with integrity

PT Sumber Surya Kencana Inhu traces its origins to an affiliated family business set up four decades ago known as Toko Damai, a distributor of quality consumer goods for the INHU region.

It has been a legacy for Toko Damai to provide good customers service with old fashion principles of honesty, reliability and integrity.

CV Sumber Kencana

Equipped with local knowledge and experience in land transportation, CV Sumber Kencana was formed in 1985 as a specialist in transportation for Crude Palm Oil.

Although CV Sumber Kencana was a small company with only two units of truck-tanker and a pair of tugboat and barge, it's reliability of services soon became in high demand.

PT Sumber Surya Kencana INHU

In order to provide a complete and better service to our customer, PT Sumber Surya Kencana Inhu was established as a separate entity in july 1999 by specializing in shipping agencies & sea transport for Crude Palm Oil.

Meanwhile CV Sumber Kencana continues to serve and support our core business with its land transport.

Reliable Infrastructure

Our company reinvesting strategy which constantly improve and modernize our infrastructure such as new port, new shore tank, new fleet of truck-tankers, new tugboats and barges, new laboratory and so on.

Customer Focused

A full commitment from our experience management team to supporting staff and crews. Our aim is to provide a complete transportation solution with a competitive price and on time services.

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